Carefree relaxation in our gingerbread cottages as a gift to your loved ones!

Sometimes it is good to slow down, enjoy the silence, nature, good wines and the long forgotten village flavors. The romantic gingerbread cottages in Zala Hills, far away from civilization, are truly an excellent opportunity to relieve everyday stress. Save on running, ask for our exclusive Pato Hill Christmas card as a gift to your loved ones! 

Gift Cards

You don’t have to do anything else than to choose the most appropriate one from our cottages and write us.


Fill out the form below or you can also reach as via phone or e-mail: Fatima Hanyecz-Sebők mobil nr: +36 30 / 277-8508 • e-mail:

The ordering process
  1. Choose the desired cottage or specify the amount you want to give as a gift. Additionally, you will have to provide the name (s) of the person (s) you wish to prepare the gift card for, your address where we can send the gift card (e-mail or postal) and your phone number as a contact.
  2. We confirm the order with the amount to be paid.
  3. You transfer the given fee.
  4. Upon receipt of the amount, we will confirm it, issue the gift card and mail it to the address provided.
What kind of data will we need?
  • Name (s) of beneficiary (s) Your name, Your phone number
  • Name of the cottage or the amount you want to give as a gift.
  • Personal message (optional)?
  • Mailing Data (e-mail or postal adress, where the gift card and ivoice shall be sent)
  • Billing information
What is the lead time and how do I get the gift card?

The gift card will be sent to you within 5 working days of the order.

Payment method


I need the gift card immediatelly , I cannot wait 5 days!

In this case, we can also recommend a temporary solution: we will send you the gift card within one business day via e-mail (.jpg format), which you can print. The original will be mailed to you in a few days! You should ask for this if you have only a few days left to hand over the gift card.

PatoHill Gift Card