On-site dining


In summer and in case of larger groups (over 5 persons) meals are served on the barbecue terrace, in the winter at Ibolymama cellar.


Free for children below 4 years and 50% discount for children aged between 4-8 years.
Instead of wine and spirit we serve refreshments for children.

Please reserve at least one day before the chosen date, since we prepare all meals from fresh ingredients!

Further information: Sándor Sebők +36/30/9938772


Sandor can prepare one kind of winedinner per night.

Serving time between 7pm-9pm

Farmhouse Breakfast

Coffee, tea, eggs (boiled eggs, ham & eggs or omelette), fresh bread, bacon , butter, honey, jam. Cost: 8 euro/person

Hungarian pone

szalwith bacon and dips (liptauer, sour cream, primary pepper, tomato) up to 5 people served with wine and spirit. 

15 euro/person

Hungarian Paprika Potatoes

paprika potato with bacon and mushrooms served with wine and spirit. Cost: 

15 euro/person

Hungarian farmer plate

baked homemade ham and bacon with potatoes, hard boiled eggs, salami, primary pepper and tomatoes, purple onions and bread served with wine and spirit, available from December to late May. Cost:

20 euro/person

Hungarian pork stew

with potatoes and pickles served with wine and spirit. Cost: 

17 euro/person

Beef stew

Hungarian beef stew
with potatoes and pickles served with wine and spirit. Minimum of 10 people required. Cost:

20 euro/person

Rips baked in oven

with baked potatoes and pickles served with wine and spirit. Minimum of 10 people required. Cost:

20 euro/person



The kitchens are fully equipped and on the barbecue terrace you can barbecue, cook a goulash or bake in the oven. We can provide technical assistance, turning tools, dishes. At site you can buy wood (1 basket costs 4 Euro). 1 basket tree is enough for grilling or goulash cooking, 2 baking baskets are required for baking in the oven

Fresh local strudel, scones

Delivious homemade strudel, patties or fresh croissants for breakfast can be ordere from Marian Ács

  • 1 pan of mini croissants: 15Euro – you can choose from sesame, cheese, caraway seeds or mixed (about 48pcs / pan )
  • 1 pan of cones: 15 Euro – you can choose from cottage cheese, cheese (about 60pcs/pan) or greaves (about 50pcs/pan)
  • 1 pan of strudel: 20 Euro – you can choose  cottage cheese with raisins, cottage cheese with sour cherry, cottgae cheese with apricot, sour cherry, cherry poppy, sooth poopy seed, apple walnut, cabbage, potato. there are 4 strands of strudel in each pan, all four can have different flavor.

Flavor and quantity can be agreed with Mariann Ács one week before arrival. Availability +36 70 424-6397

Alsó Klub Pizzéria

Pizza, freshly baked meat or simpler dishes can be ordered from Alsó Klub Pizzeria to our Wineyard Village. We can provide the current leaflet on the spot. Phone nr.: +36 30 214-8284