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Lifenetwork has made a small film about our Vineyard Village in their tourist magazine:
Hotel – Hungary’s most beautiful hotels – PatoHill Vineyard Village


In the vineyard of Petrikeresztúr, on the beautiful hill called Patóhegy, six old wine cellars have been rebuilt into nice, cozy apartments.

The little houses are awaiting their peace and nature loving guests who would like to relax and recharge in this gorgeous natural environment. For the most curious they might even uncover the legend of PatoHill. The uniqueness of the accommodation:
The cosy, romantic apartments located in a natural environment, in the hills of Zala, far for urban civilization are providing an excellent opportunity to conduct the daily stress, to deepen family and friend relationships and to arrange company team buildings.

“If there is a place where time stops and one can find peace and harmony, than this place is called PatoHill.”

Zambó Ilona és Jendrics Péter

Sándor Sebők

Sándor Sebők

owner, host , handyman, hobby winemaker, cook, gardener <br />

+36 30 993-8772

Soul and heart of PatoHill: Sándor Sebők


  • gives you guidance how to find PatoHill if necessary („at the end of the world”)
  • greets our guests with a welcome drink – with region specific house wines and „palinka’s” at Ibolymama wine cellar
  • hands over the keys of the cottages and supports our guests with local know-hows
  • ensures that our guests do not freeze even in the winter – he handles the tile stoves during the entire stay (he makes sure that all our apartments await our guest with pleasant warmth)
  • furthermore he is a real kitchen fairy :) - his dishes are delicious if you like „Zala region specific”, traditional Hungarian kitchen
  • finally he works tirelessly to ensure that the cottages are surrounded with a tidy, clean and authentic landscape

"Sándor was on his mettle! We thank him very much for his unforgettable experiences! Especially that he also paid attention to our dog! :)"

Gábor Kővári


"We spent wonderful days in the red house! We had a great time with four children, we went on a hike, enjoyed the beautiful house, the scenery and the special hospitality!
I have been baking rips myself many times since we went home, but I never manage to do as fine as Sanyi. We already miss PatoHill and we will definitaly return!

Somogyi-Cseresnyés Family


"We have been to many places in the country, but we have never experienced such a perfect "service ". I mean the furnishings and equipment of the cottage, the kindness, helpfulness and friendliness of the "staff" - that is, your father. "

Iván Halász


Egész évben nyitva

Az év minden napján nyitva vagyunk. Télen cserépkályhákkal fűtjük a házikókat, a fűtést az ár tartalmazza, Önnek semmi teendője nincs. Információ a fűtésről itt.

Helyi étkezés

Érkezéskor üdvözlő itallal várjuk Önöket. Igény esetén nálunk a rég feledett, magyaros, vidéki gasztronómiával is találkozhat. Rendelhető ételeinket itt találja.


Fedezze fel Göcsej és az Őrség legszebb tájait és látnivalóit, melyekről Sándor szívesen ad bővebb információt a helyszínen. Látnivalók részletes bemutatása itt.

Állatbarát szálláshely

Ne hagyja otthon házi kedvencét sem, borházfalunk állatbarát szállásként szívesen fogadja kutyáját, macskáját, nyusziját egyaránt.  Részletes információ itt.

Get acquainted with the gingerbread cottages of PatoHill! 

Apple Tree Cottage


65 Euro/ Night / Cottage
(for 2 Person)

Squirrel Cottage

70 Euro/ Night / Cottage
(for 2 Person) 

Cat's Cottage

70 Euro/ Night / Cottage
(for 2-4 Persons)

Nightingale Cottage


75 Euro/ Night / Cottage
(for 2 Person)

Mansion Cottage 1

105 Euro/ Night / Cottage
(for 2-4 Persons)

Mansion Cottage 2


105 Euro/ Night / Cottage
(for 2-4 Person)

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