Interview with Silvia and Sándor Sebők, 

the owners and creators of  Patohill vineyard village

sebok_szilvia_es_sandorDear Silvia, and Sándor, where did the idea came from, to create such a special wineyard village in Patóhegy?

Actually at the beginning we did not plan to open a winayard village :). We only looked for a calm place where we can hid from everyday stress, relax and refill our energies. 

With the help of my friend, I managed to buy forest in Patóhegy. When I came to check the afforestation, I realized the piece in this beautiful neighborhood, and then the idea came to renovate ourselves a wine cellar. We sat by candlelight in the evenings with the family and during the day the nature lived and moved in front of us: Deers were grazing next to the wine cellar and the scent of acacia flowers emanated from the window. We taught that it would be nice to share these experiences with our relatives and friends, so we bought more and more cellars to fit comfortably.

There are many beautiful mountains and beaches around the world. Why Hungary and why the hills of Zala?

We like Hungary. Besides our trips abroad, we always liked to spend a few days or a long weekend in Hungary. When we first saw Patóhegy, we were totally enchanted by the landscape of Zala, not to mention the kindness and helpfulness of the people (here they smile at strangers, great and invite them for a small glass of wine)

This is how you found Patóhegy?

When we first came here, there were only abandoned cellars full of weeds all around- but the beautiful scenery, the perfect stillness, the tranquility and the fresh air at once impressed us and we completely fell in love.

What happened afterwards?

We realized that this is the place where we can relax and recharge. We renovated the first wine-cellar five years ago and later next to our own we renovated additional four. We spent all our leisure time with primping and beautifying the houses and the surrounding area.

How did it become a wine-yard village?

At first we did not plan to rent the apartments, but all our friends and acquaintances who spent their holidays here, were so impressed that we thought we would like to share this opportunity with everyone.

I saw that the walls of the apartments are decorated with precious paintings:)

Yes, they are very valuable for me. I like drawing and painting and these are my works on the walls. Instead of fame I am happy if my guests like them :)

If I heard well, you are also an ambitious interior designer. The apartments are far more equipment with exciting accessories as it would be expected.

I tried to equip the apartments as they would be my own. It took me a lot of time, until I managed to get everything as I imagined, but I think it was worth it. I hope our guest will also appreciate the small details and my wish is, that everyone who comes for a rest, to get physically and mentally rejuvenated, will be perfectly pleased – and will often return:)

Dear Sándor, did you receive any help from the people nearby to make Patóhegy shine again in his old glory? 

We received a lot of help. Ács Ferencs and his family are taking a great part in the renovation and the maintenance of the apartments. Czuppon Csaba takes care of the grapes, from which our own PatoHill wine is made of. Besides them, many local craftsmen participated in the development and build-up of the wineyard village. Additionally, of course, we are also indebted to the Mayoress and the municipality who embraced us and supported our plan.

You can see it on the surrounding that you gave your hearth and soul to the project.

Yes, I hope our guests will be on the same opinion. We welcome them very much!

Interview with Fatima Sebők,


 the executive manager of PatoHill wine-yard village.

sebok_fatima2Hi Fatus, how gets a young, dynamic girl from the city in touch with PatoHill?

Of course, through my parents. Lately I got also affected with the “PatoHill virus”. As we spent more and more time here with by boyfriend, we also started to like neighborhood a lot.

f I heard well, you left a good and challenging job for the sake of PatoHill.

Yes, I worked as a senior marketing manager in a multinational company. I really liked my job with all the connected travelling and stress but as I turned 30 I was slowly thinking about a switch. After the stressful weekly spin it was always nice to escape from the noisy city and to relax and recharge in this calm place. Now, my goal is to further develop the dream and implementation of my parents. They gave me their trust and I gave them my devotion. That is how I became the general manager of PatoHill. 

What is your role, besides business management?

My additional role is the management of the marketing activity, I arrange that more and more people hear about PatoHill and who chooses us, leaves satisfied and returns with pleasure.