Family-friendly, baby-friendly accommodation

Family-friendly, baby-friendly accommodation
Children nowadays have less and less connection with nature. Although outdoor games have a lot of beneficial effects: they bring together the family, they enhance the children’s creativity and makes them more open to play with each other. In our wineyard village children can do many things for which there are no mobile applications yet :)
For example:

  • take Bukfenc for a walk (the small white patohill “mop”)
  • cook “stone” soup
  • build bunkers from tree branches and leaves
  • chase the wicked wolf with the smart stick
  • climb on a tree
  • explore
  • get to know and collect the treasures of nature in their pockets (be sure to check the pockets before leaving: you might find a few snails, beetles, pebbles, wilted flowers, etc.)
  • run hither and thither in the huge grassy, ​​bumpy area (leg strengthening fun)
  • hide in the woods, cellars, trees
  • try to catch some goldfishes in the lakes with a self-made fishing rod 
  • play with wooden spoon on old dryers
  • gain real life experiences and make great friendships

These are just a few tips, because games in nature are only limited by our fantasy… :) And you will have great stories to tell back home :)

Our baby-friendly services:

  • Baby equipment: upon request we can provide traveling baby bed with baby bedding, baby bath and a highchair. Please inform us in advance.

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Pet friendly accommodation


Many dog owners are struggling in our country to go on holiday due to the lack of pet-friendly accommodation.
It is a pity when your beloved pet has stay at home and many times it is even difficult to find a temporary pet host during the vaction.
Good news: our Vineyard Village is a pet-friendly accommodation therefore we are happy to welcome your little loved ones as well.

However, it is important for us that both our dog-friendly guests and our guests arriving without a dog should have a relaxed rest, so we would like to draw the owner’s attention to some of the rules, which are a prerequisite for real relaxation:

  • only walk your dog with a leash across the entire vineyard area, because many families arrive with little children and although children are usually fond of doggies, but there will be guests who may be afraid of them.
  • when a housekeeper or caretaker arrives at a pre-arranged time, please connect the dog to the leash and lead it out of the room to prevent the staff from accidental attacking.
  • do not leave your pet unattended in the cottage for more than 2 hours!
  • it is forbidden to bring a pet into a closed or covered community area where food is served!
  • please follow the general rules for green areas, please clean up after your pet.
  • we only provide accomodation for pets with valid vaccination books
  • when booking a room, please indicate if you are arriving with a pet and specify your pet size! Pet fee: 10 EURO / night. The cost of the service does not include any damage caused by a pet (door scraping, chewing a pillow / sofa, squirting on the wall, etc.). It is necessary to arrange this in cash before departure.

    What should you bring with yourself when arriving with a pet:

  • pet food
  • foft blanket and a bed
  • feeding, drinking bowl
  • kitten -, dog toilet
  • some toys

Arrival and departure

The apartments can be occupied from 2pm on the day of arrival and must be left by 10 am on the day of departure.


Extra services

  • The kitchen of the cottages is fully equipped and on the grill terrace guest can grill, cook or bake in the oven. We can provide technical assistance, turning tools, dishes and glasses. On the spot guest can buy wood: 5 EURO / basket. 1 basket is enough for grilling or goulash cooking. During winter it is possible to rent a gas lamps.
  • Free parking
  • Bicycle rental is available at a cost of 10 EURO / bicycle / day.
  • Fresh linen and towels are provided.


The heating season runs from 15th of October each year until 15th of April of the following year. During this period, the heating fee is included in the price. For the safety of our guests, the heating is done by the caretaker. We have 24-hour stoves that keep the heat throughout the day. In addition to the heating period, it is also possible to heat the cottages upon request, at a fee of 10 EURO / day.

Tó körüli szabályok

AThe proper use, the preservation and keeping the cleanliness of the facilities around the lake is mandatory. Do not leave children alone, unattended around the lake! Do NOT bathe in the lake! 

On-site dining

During summer, we serve local delicacies on the grill terrace and during winter in the Ibolymama cellar. See our offers on this page.  A kínálatot ezen az oldalon tudja megnézni.


Guests responsibility

The apartments and the associated facilities (tile stove, kitchen and bathroom equipment, grill terrace, etc.) can be used by our guests only at their own risk.
Ignition should be entrusted to the staff as they have the appropriate expertise.
Sebők Transporte Ltd. or Sándor Sebők assumes no liability for personal injuries, property damage or the lost of unwatched property resulting from the use of the above equipments. PatoHill Vineyard Village demands compensation payment from its guests for any material damage resulting from improper use of the equipment.
No smoking in the apartments is allowed! Appointed smoking area is on the terrace in front of the apartment.

Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation the following rules apply: We do not refund the reservation fee. Read more on the Prices  Bővebben az Árak oldalon.